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Human Resource - Human Resource Information System

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Human Resource Information System

  • SV.HRIS HRM - Human Resource System Infomation Software not only manage simply employees’ records but also is a general management of human resources solution. It is satisfy to the various types of businesses from the basic packaged softwares to the trade services, manufacturing, retail, corporate, ...
  • Including full module to support  the management of the HR department: employee records, attendance, wages, social security, employment, training, evaluation, health, and the modules others on request
  • The supporting functions: warning expired contract, send registered mail to work overtime, late noticed mail, leaving early, rice daily notification mail, mail pay – slip  with security by password, letter job offer, ...
  • Online module on request: management leave online eLeave, appraisal online eAppraisal, staff infomation pages eProfile, ...

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SV.HRIS software Highlights features

Professional, closely, easy to use

The utility of human resource management software

HR management software supports many useful utilities to help users to exploit the software the most effectively

  • Support interface and data by two languages  Vietnamese - English (or any language ) (can change the interface of the software in accordance with the company's name, eg part used from "Division" => you are able to change into "Department")
  • Support all forms, reports directly to offices (Word, Excel), can lock data (password settings not allow editing information).
  • End user can update Word forms without IT or software company support
  • The reports are managed automatically and quickly, streamlined, wherever ... right now
  • Save time, labor and very convenient than before using the software.
  • Meet the forms of government, free updates indefinitely when the state changes.

Overview of the functions of human resource management software

Full management of employee’s information and timekeeping details, payroll and other modules

  • Staff profile
    • - Manage all information of employee records in accordance with the history in detail
    • - Integrate all forms in format  word  into the software: contract / annex labor, receipt staff (hiring decision, offer letter, recruiting notice), decide to transfer, transfer, discipline, reward their CVs, resumes... All word forms  are convenient for changing the contents of the terms when needed.
    • - The form lists: a list of employees, contract lists, birthdays, transfers, ... form excel format directly.
    • - Support automatic searching :  define the information which need to find, for example, search by date + sex + level, ... allow you to select information data output (defined column), output the results to excel, allow to save the information searched for later use, ..
    • - Warning expires probationary, contract
    • - support departmental transfer (restructuring (split / combine) departments
    - Detail function of human resource module:
  •     + Organizational structure
  •     + Staff information management
  •     + Employee information in detail:
    •          ► Employee profile
    •          ► Labour contract
    •          ► Working history
    •          ► Award
    •          ► Discipline
    •          ► Certificate
    •          ► Information foreigners
    •          ► Labor accidents
    •          ► Working background
    •          ► Information periodic health examination
    •          ► Skill
    •          ► Documents records
  •     + Labour contract management
  •     + Working record management
  •     + Award, Discipline record
  •     + Termination
  •     + Human resource report:
  •          1. Employee list
  •          2. New hire
  •          3. Birthday list in month
  •          4. List of transfers
  •          5. List of labor contracts
  •          6. List of Adward
  •          7. List of Discipline
  •          8. List of retired employees
  •          9. Report on employers (fluctuations in staffing)
  •     + Statistics chart:
  •          1. Statistics by department
  •          2. Statistics by age
  •          3. Statistics by sex
  •          4. Statistics by level of education
  •     + Dynamic search
  • Keep track of leaves, attendance, overtime (timekeeping hand, machine)
    • - Support for sefl - defined information by company: all kinds of holidays (leaves- PN / AL, sick - O / SL, maternity, ...), set the general holidays, public holidays and holidays of own company  (calendar year: 7th, Sunday, holidays, compensatory leave, ...)
    • - Support setting shifts: shift 1, shift 2, night shift (payroll between 2 different days), information of wage time, overtime (OT), ... from the timekeeper.
    • - Management leaving: management in a variety of forms that depends on the type of company. Over time (from day to day), reason leaving,  permitting applications, enter Month 1 -> 31 days in the month, enter the total number of days off per month (departments, units moved information date in detail, enter the statistics office), ...
    • - Manage work times:
               + Attendance hand: according to time in , time out => Software calculates wage time, overtime (OT), midnight, enter the total numbers of overtimes, ...
               + Attendance Machine: ranked shifts, link directly data from the timekeeping software => time of work, overtime
    • - Output of forms related to timekeeping: wage sheet detail, the total months - day - time to move payroll department.
    • - Keep track of coming late, soon, resignation…
    • - Detail function of timesheet, leave record module:
    •     + Annual leave:
      •          ► Information on each type of leave the employee by year
      •          ► List of leave by time
      •          ► Leave by month: update information quickly list of leave by month (each day is 1 column)
      •          ► Annual leave in year:  Total days, Used days, Remain days, leave remain forward to next year
    •     + Timekeeping by manual: applicable to the company or the department not used timekeeper, Attendance done weekly, monthly (one day in one column), input both for working sign (ex: x-present) and leave sign (ex: AL: anual leave), support import timesheets from excel.
    •     + Timesheet user timekeeper:
      •          1. Establish a list of shifts, work duration, break time,...
      •          2. Setup default sheet for company/devision/department.
      •          3. Setup default sheet for staff.
      •          4. Make work schedule by time (weekly, monthly)
      •          5. Conect to timekeeper to get daily check in/check out data (automatic, manual, import from text/excel file format)
      •          6.  Informations management: Time in, time out, working hours, overtime, approve overtime.
      •          7.  The sumary of working hours by week, month (one day is one column), update timekeeping, overtime, annual leave, business trips
    •     + The general timesheet: it uses when your company just input total working day and overtime in month for paying salary, doesn't check timekeeping in detail everday 
    •     + Maternity management
    •          ►  The maternity leave list by time
    •          ► The maternity details: from date to date, date back to work, date of child's birth, end of maternity ( in the first year  of maternity : 7 work hours per day)
    •     + Monthly compensation
    •     + Exception handling: loss of power, out of goods, ...( in production: dilligence is not deducted...)
    •     + Timekeeping reports:
      •          1. The leaving date list
      •          2. The sumary of annual leave.
      •          3. Timekeeping monthly form
      •          5.Time to swipe the card in detail
      •          6. The list of comig  in late and get out early
      •          7.  Calender work
      •          8. The list of work ovetime
      •          9. The progressive statistic of overtime working in month, year.
  • Information management of salary, bonus, PIT tax
    • The salary: basic salary (salary contract), salary company,  supporting coefficient management, payroll, class, grade, .. allowances under the salary according to the (historical) support tracking salary increase, promotion, warning salary increase, ...
    • Record all the allowances (lunch money, phone, petrol ...), support to  import from excel
    • Track  to the monthly salary of  term +/-: advance, reward and discipline ..., support to import from excel
    • Establish, change the salary formula: Software sets previous under the payroll sheet of the company, allows to change the amount, formula (eg rice specified monthly amount can be automatically adjusted from 300,000 to 450,000 ... salary holidays (leaves, sick, ..) = (basic salary + seniority allowance) * number of leaves, ...
    • Payroll period 1, final salary
    •          + Output wage time, overtime, night shift allowance, .. from timekeeping module
    •          + Output information about salaries, bonuses, wage manufacturing business, wage coordination
    • Payroll caculate, Income tax, deduction (insurance, unions, unemployment, ...)
    • Export salary reports: payroll period 1, salary detail, cash salary, transfer salary, paycheck, general income
    •  Salary management module in detail:
    •     +  Salary in detail:
      •          ► Salary history
      •          ► Allowances: responsibility, concurrently, phone, petrol...
      •          ► the matters incurred monthly
      •          ► Confirming information: participate social insurance, medical care, union
      •          ► Personal income tax number, dependents
      •          ► Bank account
    •     + Current information management by list: considering, updating fast many staffs at the same time, filtering the staffs who have not update salary, changing salary
    •     + Allowances management: plus, minus incurred in monte : by column, one term is one column, importing from excel monthly
    •     + Allowances management by type of allowances, are supported to import from excel to software
    •     + Managing the plus or minus amounts which inccur every month, support to import from excel to software, Ex: the expense list
    •     + First period pay: using for company which has two period pay per month
    •     + Payroll:
      •          1. Monthly salary handle: after updating data in contract, secondment, timekeeping, salary, allowances, incurred amounts.
      •          2.Checking the data salary by new staff, leaving employee, salary changing, secondment, position change, maternity leave, working after maternity, signing contract, joining new insurance
      •          3. Render salary sheet monthly in detail
      •          4. The sumary salary sheet
      •          5. Print salary slip
      •          6. Salary sheet in cash
      •          7. Salary sheet in transfer
      •          8. the list of signing to get salary
      •          9. Sending email the monthly salary slip which has password to open file.
      •          10. Lock salary sheet
    •     +  Formula definition for payroll
      • Formula definintion for motion salary: technical by software and IT support to change
      • Allowances definition in regulations: social insurance rates, medical care, union, personal deduction, family deduction...(numbers of users)
      • the value table applies for computing personal income tax
    •     + Unlock salary sheet
    •     +  Salary module report
      •          1. Payroll detail in monthe
      •          2. The sumary of salary
      •          3. Payroll slip
      •          4. Payroll by cash
      •          5. Payroll by transfer
      •          6. the list of signing to get salary
      •          7. The list of allowances
      •          9. The list of plus or minus following salary
      •          10.List of salary increasing
      •          11. List of taxable income by month (05A)
      •          12. List of free tax income by month (05B)
      •          13. The deducting pesonal income tax declaration ( 02)
      •          14. Personal income tax finalization (05)
  • The informations and reports submit to State agencies
    • Labor fluctuating report ( excel form)
    • Issued insurance book return (word form)
    • Insurance forms or reports (excel form): 02a, 03a, 66, 67, …
    • Free update form, softare unlimited when forms of the state agency are changed.
  • Human resource software application
  • Human resource online display by web

  • The list of functions SV.HRIS: see details

  • Typical customers: see Details

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