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Phan mem quan ly tong the nguon nhan luc

A HRIS, which is also known as a human resource information system, is basically an intersection of human resources and information technology through HR software. This allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically.

  • Human Resources information technology (HRIS) is essential for companies to manage their benefits plans and their employee information. Benefits management technology is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity to help HR manage both a sea of information and the money spent on benefits plans, as HR faces limited resources and constantly changing data.
  • SV.HRIS may be viewed as a way, through software, for businesses big and small to take care of a number of activities, including those related to human resources, accounting, management, and payroll. A HRIS allows a company to plan its HR costs more effectively, as well as to manage them and control them without needing too many resources..
  • SV.HRIS including those modules: resume and applicant management, timesheet, payroll, email alerts, employee self-service, organizational charts, the administration of benefits, and tracking of employee training.

Phan mem quan ly tong the benh vien

Comprehensive software system for hospitals that manages all activities from the point of receiving patients examine/treating to the time they leave the hospital

  • Computerization of business management for the entire hospital.
  • Prescriptions, medical, electronic forms of treatment
  • Meet the transaction by divisions / departments in hospitals, data communications between departments and financial department.
  • Closely manage patient information and medical information of patients.
  • Data is automatic synthesis that used for the patient to make payment slip to ensure accuracy, completeness, reduce losses.

  • SV.Hospital module list:
    • Patients receiving
    • Examination, outter hospital management
    • Clinical management
    • Billing management (auto link data with clinictru1inner hospital), health insurance report
    • Surgery management and report
    • Material management (material including in service, used for patients, stock management, ...)
    • Paraclinical management (Test, X-ray, endoscopic, supersonic, MRI, CT, DSA,...)
    • Medical management
    • Accounting management
    • Synthesis report (integrated planning department, quality management department, steering route room )
    • Human resource
    • System mangement (User, group, permission,...)



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